San Bernadino Shooting

San Bernadino Shooting

Marital issues

When school staff let Anderson in, they didn’t know his relationship with Smith was on the rocks, police said.

The two had dated for four years and got married in January. On Facebook, Anderson posted happy images of the couple enjoying date nights and smiling in selfies.

But those close to Smith told police she said Anderson’s behavior had become odd and he had threatened her, Burguan said.

Smith moved out of their home in March and went to live with other family, he said. Yet those at school knew nothing of this discord.

“She effectively kept her private life private,” Burguan said.

“There was no indication to anyone on staff that there was a potential threat,” San Bernardino City Unified School Superintendent Dale Marsden said Tuesday.

Burguan said police searched Anderson’s residence and did not find a suicide note. They did, however, find a note believed to be written by Anderson that spoke of feeling disrespected and needing to find closure. The note would not have been alarming if not for this violent event, he said.

Family of victim asks for privacy

The family of Jonathan Martinez, the 8-year-old student killed in the shooting, did not wish to speak publicly, Marsden said.

They did, however, wish to bring attention and consciousness to an issue facing Jonathan called Williams syndrome.

Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that is characterized by cardiovascular issues and development delays, and it affects an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people in the United States, according to the Williams Syndrome Association.

Like others with the condition, Jonathan was social and had an affinity for music, and he brought joy and perspective to his family, Marsden said.

The Mexican government issued a statement regarding the boy’s death, saying it “profoundly laments the death of a minor with Mexican nationality and the death of his teacher.” The consulate in the city was in contact with his parents and called for a full investigation, according to the statement.

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