Bus Drivers at Antelope Valley Transit Authority Vote to Authorize Strike

AVTA on Strike

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s Employees voted overwhelmingly to authorize a work stoppage on Thursday afternoon over unfair labor practices. 

The AVTA 105 employees who is represented boy the Local Teamsters 848 has working since December 31, 2016 without a contract.  The negotiation over a contract concluded in late February when the AVTA’s contractor reached an impasse on issues concering the Los Angeles County Minimum Wage Ordinance.   The drivers’ “right to due process” comes into play with the company’s discipline is imposed by the client AVTA. 

The AVTA Board of Directors has removed multiple drivers employed since 2015 without a due process.  This has caused the Union to file multiple lawsuits against the AVTA Board of Directors. 

The strike with the AVTA has caused over 450,000 in the Antelope Valley and its unincorporated areas of Northern Los Angeles Count.  No information has been disclosed on any specific dates or times the plans to begin any work stoppage. 

There was an overwhelmingly vote to authorize a strike on Thursday afternoon.  The committee received ballots that was casted by the drivers’ by the bargaining committee.  The AVTA members engaged in Practice Picketing in front of the AVTA office. 

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