Riverside Plane Crash



A riverside neighborhood was shaken up when a plan carrying passengers crashed into two homes.  The husband and wife pilots, their Adult daughter, a friend and her daughter were returning to San Jose from a cheerleading competition at Disney’s California.

The son of one of the survivors Brandon Farelas informed local news reporters that his mother , Silvia survived the crash but Brandon 22 year old sister Adin died.  Riverside fire chief stated that the plan had just taken off from Riverside Municipal Airport.  All the dead were from the plane, Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore said late Monday. Two others onboard the plane, which was on its way back to San Jose after a cheerleading event in Anaheim, were injured.

Moore initially said that four people had died, including a neighborhood resident. He later said that no one on the ground was injured or killed.

The two injured from the plane, which had five people aboard, were both women in their late 30s or early 40s, Moore said. One was in critical condition and undergoing surgery at a burn center

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