Protesters Erupt in Los Angels:  The 110 Freeway has been block by protestors who are disgruntle over President Elect Donald Trump.  There were more than a thousand protestors who marched in the downtown Los Angeles on November 9, 2016.    Shouts went out “Immigrants Welcome Here” and “Not My President” were ringing out throughout the streets.

A burning giant Caricature of President-Elect Donald Trump’s head as it was placed on the steps of City Hall.

In the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) community the fear of “My marriage might not be legit anymore”, because of him.  My health care might not be accessible anymore because of him,”  said protester Jayden Bedard.

The concerns were the effect of Donald Trump presidency could wage on the Supreme Court and Congress among the protestors.

There were protestors in Oregon, New York and Chicago who have taken their rage to the streets.  Donald Trump surprise victory in the Presidential Elections had cause panic among states where Hillary Clinton has won.

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