AV Community News Digital Debut: A. V. Community News has gone digital.  This means that your comprehensive news is delivered to the consumers’ quicker. The news will be delivered to its subscribers via email.

Get the latest up to date and breaking news via Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.  It will be delivered twice a week.  Your copy of the latest news will be delivered on Thursday and Saturday morning.  While drinking your coffee or commuting to work, you can log onto AVCommunityNews.com

AVCommunityNews (AVCN) can now be read on your desktop, IPad, and Cell Phone.   What better way to read your favorite articles on demand.  This technology will cause AVCN to reach a broader spectrum of audience.  AVCN will send “Breaking News” as it happens.

We are bringing our community into your home. Sign up on avcommunitynews.com to ensure your copy of the latest addition.

If you have an article that you would like published, please send your article to “avcommunitynews@gmail.com”  Please leave your number and name.

Visit us on:

Facebook: A.V. Community News
Instagram: avcommunitynews

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